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The aHa!2WayXLS add-in for project planning is an accessible method to export your project and task information from Mindjet® MindManager to Microsoft ®Excel while maintaining it's hierarchical structure and visualizing your project in the form of a Gantt chart. Using a two-way link between Microsoft® Excel and Mindjet® MindManager Pro a user can fine-tune the planning in one session in Microsoft® Excel and synchronize the changes with Mindjet® Mindmanager. There is no need for any additional software if the user has a Microsoft® Excel and Mindjet® MindManager Pro license.

The aHa!2WayXLS add-in for project planning:
* Automatically generates a list in a project overview in Microsoft® Excel of all the milestones and tasks including start dates, end dates, duration, progress, priorities and resources
* Generates a Gantt chart which visualizes the tasks in a timeline
* Generates an interactive timesheets for each resource, with a unique color identifier for each resource throughout the Excel sheet
* Converts the notes of the topics in the map to ‘cell comments’ in Microsoft® Excel
* Lets users manipulate start dates and end dates simply by clicking arrow buttons in front of the bars in the Gantt chart
* Can synchronize the changes made in the map or excel sheet and vice versa in one planning session

This add-in is only compatible with the PC-version of MindManager

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